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    Estate Planning - Probates - Living Wills - Medicaid - Guardianship


Started in 1992, SAYRE & SAYRE, has been the best Elder Law legal services team for the Spokane and surrounding area. In 2015, Michelle Fossum, of FOSSUM LEGAL, joined our firm as a partner, and has helped us become the Premier Elder Law team in Spokane. So if you need any help with you Elder Law legal questions, give SAYRE, SAYRE & FOSSUM, P.S. a call. We understand Elder Law. We can help!


Our Team of Attorneys and Paralegals are ready to help. Send us an email for more information to; info@sayrelaw.com


Sayre Law was founded in 1992 based on the idea that personal elder law consulting should be done with caring, knowledgeable and professional advice
Spokane Elder Law
At the core of our practice is basic Estate Planning. Estate planning helps create life-time documents as well as prepare the processes of giving your belongings to whom YOU want.
Preplanning offers you options when the unexpected happens. To learn more about the various estate planning documents which can help you or your loved-ones, please contact us.
  • Estate Planning

    Making a Plan, to handle your estate and the people you want involved.
  • Your Will

    By preparing a Will, you make sure that your wishes are done the way you want, not what others want to happen.
When someone passes away, it may be necessary to probate or administer their belongings.
We can help you understand how a Living Will may help with probate court proceedings and make passing your belongings on, easier during a difficult time for your family.
  • Choosing your Champion

    When a Probate is properly prepared, you get to Choose YOUR Champion, to complete your wishes, as you want them to be.
  • Finding Peace

    Preparing your Probate and Trust administration, can give you an incredible peace of mind. Relax and let us help you, find that peace.
We help demystify the Medicaid system and help you throughout the entire application process.
There are so many parts of Medicaid that it could take a Rocket Scientist to make sense of it all. Well, we aren't Rocket Scientists, but as Elder Law Attorneys, we know the Medicaid system and we can show you how it works.
  • Medicaid

    Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health coverage if you have a very low income
  • Preserving Assets

    With proper planning, we will try and help you file for available benefits and maybe even protect and set aside some of your assets aside to supplement any costs.
  • Long Term Care

    Long Term Care is ongoing assistance with some of the most basic activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed or a chair.
  • Burden on the Family

    We want to help, review your estate, prepare your documents and try and cover all possible pitfalls that can become a burden on your family down the road, that you don't want them to go through.
There are many reasons to seek a guardianship. To obtain a guardianship over a person or their property, someone must ask the court for authority.
Sayre, Sayre and Fossum, will help you learn everything you need to do a guardianship petition as well as help you in the process. As the process continues, we can help you understand the annual reporting requirements and maintain compliance with the Guardianship Monitoring Program
  • Types of Guardianship

    There are two types of Guardianship you can setup, FULL, LIMITED. We will explain how both of them work so we can choose which is best for your situation.
  • Who Can be a Guardian

    The law states that any "competent person" may be appointed, including, but not limited too, Spouse, Adult Child, Parent, Relative and many others. We will help create the Guardianship to best suit your needs.
A Special Needs Trust is designed to help disabled people under the age of 65.
This special trust allows an individual or the courts to place the disabled individual's assets in to a trust to supplement their care.
  • Special Needs Alliance

    Richard Sayre is a member of the Special Needs Alliance (or SNA), an expertise based, invitation only, non-profit association. Only uniquely qualified attorneys are invited to be part of the SNA. Richard's special knowledge regarding the legal issues with Special Needs Trusts, is why he was invited to be part of the SNA.
  • Special Needs Benefits

    As a Special Needs professional, Richard understands that when the Trust is setup properly, the disabled person's eligibility for state and federal benefits are protected.


Now that you are researching options Sayre, Sayre and Fossum, Spokane's Elder Law Resource, has put together these links to other websites, that will help you during your legal research.

Social Security Administration

Resources from the SSA

With you through life's journey. See how Social Security is there for you throughout every stage of your life. Securing today and tomorrow. Click to learn More!

Social & Health Services

Washington DSHS

Food, Medical, Housing, Child Support, Youth Services, Adult Care and Disability Support, the DSHS has many resources. Click to learn More!

Veteran's Affairs

VA Services

The VA administers a variety of benefits and services that provide financial and other forms of assistance to Servicemembers, Veterans, their dependents and survivors. Click to learn More!

Meals on Wheels

Spokane Region

Feeding Bodies, Nurturing Souls and Saving Lives. Since 1967 Meals on Wheels has provided a nutritional and social lifeline through our downtown meal site located in Spokane and Meals-On-Wheels delivery to the homebound.

Special Needs Alliance

the SNA

Special needs attorneys have daily experience with the issues that matter to individuals with disabilities–but which are largely unfamiliar to other attorney's. Click to learn More!

National Elder Law Foundation

the NELF

The National Elder Law Foundation is the only national organization certifying practitioners of elder and special needs law. NELF's Certified Elder Law Attorney designation is itself certified by the American Bar Association. Click to learn More!


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